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Cloud platform enables anyone with an Internet-enabled device to print documents, photos

by rendering any document entering the system into a printable format and then sends to

the corresponding printer for printing. Document gets converted into a printable format in

the rendering engine component, the most common format being PCL3GUI (Printer

Command Language) [2]. Cloud platform supports several features. It is the rendering

engine component of the cloud where the document gets converted into a printable format,

the most common format being PCL3GUI (Printer Command Language). Cloud print

platform supports several features. Rendering features are hard to validate as it consumes

more time to ensure that all print features and value-added content are working correctly

as per designed. Manual verification is required to make a judgment whether the printed

output is correct by visually comparing the output on paper to the document within the

printing application or comparing to a printed master file. This disclosure discusses an

automated solution that eliminates manual validation and human errors without having to

print the file by extracting raster data of a print file to verify the print data by comparing

PCL3GUI formats.

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Creative Commons License
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