This discourse describes a mobile game taxonomy that classifies mobile games into various main genres (e.g., action games, arcade games, role-playing games, music games, etc.) and further classifies the mobile games into various subgenres. For example, mobile games that are categorized as adventure games may be further classified into text adventure games, graphic adventure games, visual novel games, interactive movie games, etc. The main genre and/or the subgenre of a mobile game may be identified based on one or more game elements (e.g., game themes, game art styles, etc.) contained in the mobile game. Based on the identified main genre and/or the subgenre of the mobile game, a market analysis for the mobile game may be generated. For example, a market analysis for a particular mobile game may include a subgenre rank for the mobile game, suggested game elements for the mobile game, and a potential player profile for the mobile game.

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Creative Commons License
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