System for Preventing Airborne Transmission of COVID-19 in Schools, Offices, and Similar Venues

The invention describes systems to isolate and collect the exhaled aerosols that are the primary mechanism of transmission COVID-19.

The segregation of exhalants enables people to meet together in a shared space and breathe shared air without transmitting pathogens amongst themselves. A set of barriers and vents are configured to corral and collect exhaled air to direct the exhalant (along with its COVID-containing aerosols) to be filtered by purifiers or by a building’s heating, ventilation, and A/C (HVAC) system.

These barriers and vents can make air purifiers and HVAC systems much effective than an arbitrary 6 feet of social distancing. They can also reduce the need to wear masks that can impede communication and be cumbersome in venues such as restaurants and schools.

To broaden and speed the dissemination of this invention, it was submitted in the form of a patent application. HOWEVER, immediately upon publication, the inventor filed a Terminal Disclaimer (see top of the disclosure document) to irreversibly disclaim and release the patent to the public.

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Creative Commons License
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