A railway rail baseplate assembly 200 comprises two fastening assemblies 30A, 30B for securing a baseplate 20 to a concrete railway foundation 1, each comprising a screw-threaded fastener 31, having a head 315, and a clamp 32 having a base portion 320, providing a protrusion 322 configured to cooperate with a recess 95 in the railway foundation, and a clamping portion 325, having a clamping surface 326 arranged so as to overlie part 21 of the baseplate 20. The base portion 320 of the clamp 32 has a fastener throughhole 323 for receiving the fastener 31 such that, when a shank of the fastener 31 is fully inserted into the railway foundation 1, the head 315 of the fastener 31 bears on a floor 321 of the clamp 32. The baseplate 20 has clamp-locating holes 23 extending through the baseplate 20 for accommodating respective base portions 320 of the clamps 32.

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Creative Commons License
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