A computing system (e.g., a cloud server) may cause a computing device to create a temporary contact profile that includes verified business contact information such that, when the verified business calls the computing device, the computing device can display the verified business contact information even if contact information for the business was not previously stored at the computing device. Responsive to receiving an incoming communication (e.g., a phone call, a text message, an instant message, etc.), the computing device may determine whether an address book or other contact repository of the computing device includes an entry for the originator (e.g., a business, a friend, a relative, etc.) of the incoming communication. Rather than requiring the user to have previously provided information for the originator of the incoming communication, techniques described herein may automatically create a temporary contact in the address book if the incoming communication originator is a verified business. Thus, even if the user has not previously created a contact profile for the verified business, the computing device may execute one or more applications to present a graphical user interface (GUI) that identifies the verified business using the information included in the contact profile, indicating to a user of the computing device the genuineness of the phone call.

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