A computing system (e.g., a cloud server) may cause a computing device to display a custom store listing (e.g., in accordance with a landing page optimization strategy) for an application (hereinafter referred to as “app”) on an app store. The computing system may generate an identifier (e.g., a code, a token, a parameter, etc.) for each custom store listing. The computing system may then combine the respective identifier for each custom store listing with a base link (e.g., a Uniform Resource Locator (URL)) for the application to create a custom store listing link for the custom store listing. As such, a customer may select one of the custom store listing links and be directed to a custom store listing that is customized to appeal to the customer (e.g., as part of a targeted digital advertising strategy or campaign). In this way, a user (e.g., an app developer) of the computing system may create or use custom store listings as part of digital advertising campaigns for the user’s app, which may increase acquisitions (e.g., downloads) for the user’s app.

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Creative Commons License
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