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Printing systems functional validation is a need for design, manufacturing, installation and service

engineers at different phases of the product lifetime. This refers to the systems integration acceptance

after the product manufacturing or a modification is done after a repair or a redesign. The objective of

this validation is to ensure that the product is delivered to the customer with an optimal quality and

performance, meaning that the parts printed with it will accomplish all the quality standards.

This idea is planned to be part of the overall customer acceptance procedure at new installations and

during the product use. This test allows an efficient validation of the product without making use of

consumables used at 3D printing (powder and ink). Thus, this new test to validate the final product

improves the 3 main pillars of operations which are cost, time and quality.

This solution could be applied to all 3D printers’ products that have an automatic powder loading module.

Additionally, it could be adapted for 2D printers’ products as well.

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