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Desktop tower system support multiple external I/O ports, expansion slots and

internal/external storage device. These configurable IO ports/slots can be

enabled/disabled via BIOS setup options.

 It is not easy to understand the physical ports mapping if there’re many individual

USB ports. For expansion slots and SATA devices, although they have printing on

motherboard, user needs to open the cabinet to find the printing.

 Once IO port/slot setup option has change, user needs to reboot system and check

IO port/slot enable/disable state in OS environment.

 In order to help user to realize the physical IO ports mapping conveniently, BIOS

support adding or deleting device name behind corresponding IO port setup option


 If the setting of IO port setup option is enabled, BIOS has ability to do PCI/USB bus

enumeration in BIOS setup menu to find out device information if hot plug IO device.

 BIOS adds device name behind IO port setup option immediately when user plug in

IO device. But if user configure IO port setup option from enable to disable, BIOS

also delete device name from IO port setup option immediately.

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