This disclosure describes a method to nullify the effects of executable malware using the operating system. This method is applicable to computing devices that can function without connecting to external peripheral devices for input and output. External peripheral devices are devices that are not built into the computing device and are devices which have to connect externally. The operating system used for this method has in addition to its own operating system software, four more built-in software. They are a suite of system software, a cloud streaming software, a file viewer and a decoder. As conventionally, the operating system will load and runs after loading the firmware from disk as the main program in the computer. The operating system will fetch the available byte partition streams from all the locations in the storage and memory that is allocated for stored programs and data (excluding the space allocated for this operating system with the built-in software bundle and the firmware). Using the built-in decoder, the operating system will decode and interpret those streams as one of the four allocated file types. These are text, audio, image and video. The specific file type is chosen by reading and decoding the starting header which contains the file information at the beginning of the byte stream. This way the operating system will not allow any executable programs from outside the computer to run inside the computer. The user can only access application software that is streamed through the cloud.

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Creative Commons License
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