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Speakers generally find crutch phrases useful to pause and compose their thoughts as they speak. Listeners can find such utterances distracting and/or confusing. Crutch phases in technology-mediated communication such as audio and/or video calls can affect the quality of interaction. This disclosure describes techniques, implemented with user permission, to process speech audio to detect and remove crutch phrases from speech audio. Phrases in the speech are compared with a standard library to detect crutch phrases in the audio stream and to remove such phrases. With permission, natural language processing and/or machine learning techniques can be used to train a model based on an individual’s crutch-word use and speaking style to improve the speed and accuracy of crutch phrase removal. Crutch phrase removal can be implemented within any application, platform, or service that involves speech content, such as audio or video conferencing applications, video streaming, transcription services, etc.

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Creative Commons License
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