An in-vehicle system may use speakers and microphones to determine the location of a computing device within a vehicle (e.g., an automobile, a motorcycle, a bus, a recreational vehicle (RV), a semi-trailer truck, a tractor or other type of farm equipment, train, a plane, a boat, a helicopter, a personal transport vehicle, etc.). For example, a vehicle head unit and the computing device may determine the location of the computing device within the vehicle by performing multilateration (e.g., triangulation) based on round trip times (RTT) of ultrasonic pings emitted by various speakers in the vehicle. Based on the location of the computing device within the vehicle, the computing device may automatically present a shortcut icon to one or more applications installed on the computing device (e.g., a mapping or navigation application, a music application, a telephony application, a messaging application, a device configuration application, etc.), automatically execute one of the applications, and/or automatically perform a task (e.g., start playing music or a podcast, send a message to a particular recipient, initiate a phone call, change to operating in an in-vehicle mode, set an automatic response message to incoming communications, silence audio outputs of the computing device, etc.).

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