A computing device may present a virtual keyboard with integrated suggestion features that improve the speed and efficiency of correcting typographical errors (e.g., spelling and/or grammar errors) or text otherwise warranting correction. The virtual keyboard may be configured to present one or more suggestions for correcting typographical errors (also referred to herein as “typos”) identified by the computing device. The computing device may display a virtual keyboard graphical user interface (GUI) that includes one or more suggestions for correcting each typo in a suggestion strip GUI. The suggestion strip GUI may be a contiguous region in line with and/or directly above the virtual keyboard rather than within a graphical element that overlays a portion of the virtual keyboard GUI and visually obscures the virtual keyboard GUI. In some instances, the suggested correction or an explanation of the error may be included within the virtual keyboard GUI in place of the keyboard itself or a combination thereof (e.g., a suggested correction within the suggestion strip GUI and an explanation of the error in place of the virtual keyboard GUI).

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Creative Commons License
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