A system and method include an operating system (OS) that provides for the creation, saving and restoration of multiple virtual desks associated with a user. Related resources, applications, windows, tabs, files and the like can be assigned to each virtual desk, thus improving organization and efficiency, and facilitating user focus. The OS stores the multiple virtual desks at the end of a session, including, for example at logout, shutdown, in the event of a system crash, and the like. The multiple virtual desks are restored to a configuration corresponding to the state at the end of the session and/or at the state in which the virtual desk was last accessed when the user accesses the virtual desks in a subsequent session, including restoration of each of the resources associated with the virtual desk, restoration of content within each of the resources, restoration of an arrangement, relative size and placement of the resources, and the like. The OS synchronizes the multiple virtual desks across multiple user devices and provides tools to streamline the creation, population and management of the virtual desks.

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Creative Commons License
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