This disclosure describes techniques for automatically providing additional information about selected words in-place where the words occur in a document. Per techniques of this disclosure, a list is created of selected content (terms) that may not be readily understood by a reader. Corresponding explanatory text and/or expansions are obtained. The content is suitably highlighted at their point of occurrence in the document. Upon user input selecting the content, e.g., via a mouseover or hover action, a tap on the words, etc., a pop-up or floating window is displayed in-place that includes additional contextual information for the highlighted content. The additional contextual information is provided by the author(s) of the document by the creation of a list of terms and providing additional information about such terms. Alternatively, or in addition, the additional information is fetched from a link, e.g., an external source such as a website that includes data relevant to the user selection, e.g., by using the user selection as a query string.

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
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