Aluminum roll-formed profiles in various shapes can act as various straight or bent hollow vehicle body structures, include but not limited to front bumpers, rear bumpers, roof rails, upper A-pillars, front and/or rear longitudinals, and/or seat cross-members, among others, and may be use for various vehicles, including but not limited to commercial vehicles, trucks, busses, vans, and/or railway cars, among others. Aluminum roll-formed profiles may provide strength and/or energy absorption in case of crash events, and may be particularly useful for structures with high crash load requirements. In addition, relatively small bending radii (depending on alloy choice, temper during forming and sheet thickness) may allow for the manufacture of efficient sections with tailored properties. Aluminum roll-formed profiles may be significantly lighter than steel roll-formed profiles at the same performance while also providing significant cost saving potential compared to aluminum extrusions at similar or lower weights.

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