The present disclosure relates to a method and a system for facilitating enhanced security in connected environments for IoT devices. The system comprises a SOAP sender and a SOAP receiver. Here, the SOAP sender and the SOAP receiver utilize truncated TCP packets in corresponding transport layers of IoT protocol stack, instead of using conventional UDP packet and conventional TCP packet. Due to use of modified TCP packet in the transport layer, security is enhanced as compared to use of UDP packet for CoAP implementation at application layer of the IoT protocol stack. Further, due to truncation of the conventional TCP packet, huge memory requirement and power overhead associated with the conventional TCP packet is reduced. The truncated TCP packet is obtained by eliminating some fields such as Data offset, Reserved, Flags and Window fields from the conventional TCP packet. Also, another security increasing measure is to implement CoAP is implemented over a SOAP web architecture, which provides additional security, data privacy and integrity

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Creative Commons License
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