Techniques are described for the enhancement of structural integrity of wafers that include microchannels. Silicon wafer microchannels are filled with sacrificial materials that can easily flow and fill the microchannel gaps, maintain their structural integrity during wafer processing, e.g. withstand wafer dicing, survive reflow temperatures, and possess deformation properties sufficient to absorb the stress and strain induced during wafer processing. In one option, a carrier wafer is attached to the bottom surface of the wafer to cap the channels. The microchannels are filled with filler materials, e.g. using a vacuum inducing or compressive process. In another option, the sacrificial molding compound is directly compressed into the microchannels using a compression molding process. Excessive molding compound material is removed by grinding or etching to retain a flat wafer bottom surface. The sacrificial material is removed at the end of the wafer processing.

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