Social networks, online photo-sharing services, messaging services, etc. include feature that provide a user with reminders of photos that may be of interest. For example, such services may resurface photos taken on the same day in the past, e.g., a year ago. Resurfacing past photos allows the user to relive memories. Viewing resurfaced photos has become a popular online activity. However, some periodic events do not occur on exactly the same day each year. For example, an annual football game may occur on different days across years (e.g., the first Monday of October, which may be a different day in the month of October), birthday celebrations which may be moved to the nearest weekend, religious holidays based on the lunar calendar, etc. This disclosure describes techniques to detect and resurface photos that depict similar periodic, e.g., annual, events that have taken place on possibly differing days. The similar annual events need not take place on the same day of the year, so long as they take place within a certain time period near the date of a particular day of interest.

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