The Wireless Smart Utility Networks (Wi-SUN) alliance promotes interoperable wireless standards-based solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) deployments, such as distributed automation (DA). For some applications, such as smart utility or smart city applications, it is desirable to provide optimized peer-to-peer (P2P) routing. However, for P2P traffic within a Destination Oriented Directed Acyclic Graph (DODAG), packets either have to be routed through a root in a non-storing mode or through a common ancestor in a storing mode. Techniques herein provide for locally reusing and distributing projected directed advertisement object (P-DAO) tracks. For example, when a node receives a P-DAO track from the root, the node advertises the P-DAO track to its neighbors so that they may reuse the track. Before a node sends a P-DAO request (PDR) to the root, the node first broadcasts a polling to its neighbors to look for an existing P-DAO track that can be reused.

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Creative Commons License
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