This publication describes apparatuses for enhancing the readability of content on the display of a computing device when accessed by a user in bright ambient lighting conditions. In an aspect, the apparatus is a display panel configured to block ambient light from entering and/or being reflected out of vertical interconnect access (VIA) holes (e.g., reflective, electrical bridges that connect conductive layers within the device display) present in a layer of the display panel. To enhance display readability of content in bright ambient lighting conditions, VIA holes may be covered to enhance a display contrast ratio (e.g., the display luminance of a white image versus the display luminance of a black image). The display panel may include a metal or polymer layer positioned over VIA holes within the display layers (e.g., positioned on a layer of the display) and shaped to block reflected light but not block emissive light (e.g., from red/green/blue subpixels).

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Creative Commons License
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