Third-party content can be provided to users as in-app popups, push notifications, or email. A data processing system can identify a first group of client devices and a second group of client devices. The first and second groups include client devices installing a given application or accessing a given content platform (e.g., YouTube). The data processing system can set (or adjust) one or more settings parameters of an ad campaign such that content items (or a specific content item) of the ad campaign are provided for display to the second group of client devices but not to the first group of client devices. The data processing system can monitor one or more user experience metrics for both the first and second groups of client devices. By comparing user experience metrics associated with both groups, the data processing system can detect any negative effect on user experience due to display of third-party content to users of the second group, and take proper actions to alleviate or eliminate the cause of any degradation on user experience.

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Creative Commons License
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