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Data has become critical to drive decisions, manage devices, support engineering teams, support service

support teams, and many other uses on data driven organizations.

Data is coming from multiple sources, collected and stored in multiple systems and not easy to share

avoiding duplications and inefficiencies; assuring data quality and consistency.

Current approaches are creating data layers which internally are managing copies of the data for

operational purposes.

Due to the amount of data systems available it is also difficult to be aware of the existence of this data or

difficulties to share it so usually it ends with teams creating their own data sets (with different quality

governance, transformations and logic). This can (usually) lead into inconsistencies on data being reported

depending on the system being used; inconsistencies between same data on different systems. This is

usually tried to be solved with Data Cataloguing tools which provides visibility of the available data

sets/systems and their description context, tables, attributes.

Data is also governed by different owners but, as this data is shared through synchronizations/copies, it is

difficult to keep this ownership (and governance) of their transformations; including data quality,

consistency and correctness.

The Federated Data Access (FDA) is a system which will allow:

- Publish and subscribe to data sets

- Governance data sets

FDA will allow the above securely and avoiding creating data copies.

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