Video conference (VC) user interfaces include a feature that provides users with the option to mute or unmute their audio status during a meeting. A user may forget to mute themselves when they are not speaking, causing background audio to be transmitted. A user may attempt to speak while unmuted, without realizing that they are muted. Such mode errors can interrupt the flow of the VC meeting. This disclosure utilizes one or more user-permitted factors, detected locally at a user device, to automatically adjust the user’s audio status within a video conference. If the user permits, data from the local camera is utilized to determine whether the user is looking at the camera (based on detected gaze direction) and/or to analyze the user’s lip movements to detect whether the user is speaking. If the user is detected as speaking, their audio status is automatically changed to unmuted, and otherwise, the user’s audio is kept muted.

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Creative Commons License
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