Cloud-based deployments are continually growing in popularity. In support of such paradigms, techniques are presented herein that leverage data plane intent signaling for packet and telemetry data collection and introduce a number of novel elements. For example, a first element is a cloud agent (e.g., running as a separate entity or as part of a router) that, among other things, interprets the data plane intent signaling for packet and telemetry collection and, upon detecting the intent signaling, instructs a local control plane agent about the intent and other details (such as, for example, flow, collection intent, timing, etc.) so that the control plane agent may enable the relevant configurations on the relevant entities. As another example, a second element is a control agent that, among other things, disables the configuration upon clearing the packet marking, timer expiry, etc. when the intent is signaled to stop. Under aspects of the techniques presented herein the collected telemetry and packet data is uploaded to the relevant server(s) for analytics purposes.

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Creative Commons License
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