This disclosure describes techniques to enable content from a second, additional online meeting to be included in a first meeting. To enable such content provision, the meeting platforms that host the two meetings (which may be the same or different) can establish a connection to allow content from the second meeting to be streamed to the user device via the first meeting platform. The received content from the second meeting can be displayed as a picture-in-picture or other suitable view. Audio from the second meeting can be muted automatically and closed-captions be provided, with user permission. The user can be provided options to toggle active participation between the two meetings. In some examples, the user may be a passive participant in the second meeting, e.g., an observer or listener. Additionally, users may be notified when a meeting has content of interest, or when a particular meeting participant is active. Users may be provided options to record meetings and generate meeting highlight reels.

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Creative Commons License
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