Constraints (such as, for example, data privacy limitations) may limit the ability to measure the effectiveness of a piece of content (such as, for example, a Uniform Resource Locator (URL)) in solving a (e.g., network related) problem. Current analytics solutions focus on providing data on how many times a site is visited, but there is a lack of data that correlates a site’s visibility with its effectiveness at solving a problem. To address challenges of these types techniques are presented herein that support a method for developing and safely exposing resolution ratings of internal and external URLs – based on, possibly among other things, information in ticket management or helpdesk systems – across various organizations through (e.g., open source) web analytics platforms. Aspects of the presented techniques may encompass, among other things, a URL Miner (which may tag URLs and create a specific user rating) and a Sanitized URL Rating (SUR) function.

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Creative Commons License
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