A method for enabling creation of per-student worksheet copies through interoperation between learning management systems (LMS) and cloud-based content software tools is disclosed. The LMS may receive, from an educator, a request to create copies of a specific third-party cloud-based content software tool worksheet for a class. The LMS may send the request to the third-party software tool along with a class roster, which may create a unique digital copy of the worksheet for each student in the class. The LMS may then send, to each student, a unique resource link to the worksheet. The LMS may, alternatively, create a unique identifier identifying the course assignment and the worksheet. When a student requests access to the worksheet, the LMS may add the unique identifier to the request. The third-party software tool may then intercept the request, create a unique digital copy of the worksheet for the student, and redirect the student to the newly created unique worksheet.

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Creative Commons License
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