It is valuable for a provider of a software library to gain insight into crashes of an application that may be caused by or otherwise related to the software library. Since the provider does not have access to the application codebase, it is not possible for the provider to obtain direct signals that an application crash occurred, or whether a crash was related to a library from the provider. This disclosure describes the use of a temporary dirty file to detect crashes that may be related to the use of an embedded library in an application. The dirty file is written to disk when the embedded code (library code) is first accessed or when the application is first launched. Upon successful completion of execution of the embedded code, the dirty file is automatically deleted. At a subsequent launch of the application or execution of the embedded code, if the dirty file still exists, it is determined that a crash of the application likely occurred since no application exit signal was received which would otherwise cause deletion of the dirty file.

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Creative Commons License
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