Augmented reality (AR) is used for shopping purposes, e.g., to display an augmented view of a user’s home where the augmentation includes products inserted as they would appear in a user’s home. However, a user may be at a different location, e.g., in the store, and want to use AR to preview products in the store as they would appear in their home. This disclosure describes techniques to record or otherwise share a media stream of a space (e.g., user’s home) that includes depth data. The recorded media stream can be combined with other streams, e.g., live view in a store, to obtain an augmented view of the space. The use of a media stream in this manner eliminates the constraint for users to be at a particular location to obtain an augmented view of that location. By sharing recorded or live media streams with remote users, the user can collaborate to obtain AR views independent of their current location. Further, a user can use the stored media stream to collaborate with themselves at a later time when they are at a different location. Further, with user permission, augmented streams can be saved for later viewing and/or editing.

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Creative Commons License
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