The present disclosure relates to a passive liveness detection method for a camera-based iris biometric system. The method comprising: detecting an initiation of transaction on one of a user device and a payment terminal in supervised/unsupervised payment environments, introducing a passive light trigger to record real-time involuntary biological response of user’s eye when the initiation of transaction is detected, comparing the recorded real-time involuntary biological response of the user’s eye to similar biological response of the user’s eye recorded at the time of enrollment and/or a previous successful transaction by the user stored in a database, and determining if the artifact being presented to the iris biometric system at the time of transaction is real or spoof based on the comparison. The present disclosure uses shutter speed and aperture of camera lens, and image sensor sensitivity settings coupled with a passive light trigger for liveness detection. This approach overcomes the need for specialized expensive hardware and the limitation of detecting a fixed set of fake artifacts (spoofs) for passive liveness detection.

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Creative Commons License
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