Task management user interfaces, such as those utilized by merchants that manage storefronts on online retail platforms, are complex and difficult to use. For example, different tasks such as orders, returns/refunds, customer requests, etc. may each be associated with corresponding data and may be managed via different tools and/or user interfaces. The separation of tasks across different domains does not allow users to understand the relative priorities for various tasks. This disclosure describes a templatized generic task definition framework that allows tasks from different domains to be defined in a common format. The common task format includes rich contextual information such as task metadata and the primary and secondary actions to complete the task. The templatized task definition framework can be used to containerize the information relevant for decision making related to the task and the corresponding user actions into a single interface and to provide a unified task management user interface. Further, the task metadata stored per the framework can be used for prioritization across tasks from different domains to infer priority across different task and task types to make it easier to manage the overall workload.

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Creative Commons License
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