RF shields are used to contain the radio waves. The shields prevent waves from escaping the source and prevents the source from interacting or disrupting other frequencies in the proximity. A pick structure is generally designed within the perimeter in the static or fixed part of the RF shield with consideration of electronic components on the PCB, thermal heat spreader, mechanical fasteners, etc.

The purpose of the pick structure is to provide and support a pick region during SMT operation. The RF shield fences are picked from the center of gravity of the fence, using the frame of the fence pick structure with the help of a suction nozzle assembly in the SMT operation. This automated operation also places the shield fence on the circuit board for assembly. After placement and the reflow solder process, the pick structure is manually or automatically removed to allow for subsequent operations such as automatic optical inspection of electronic components, edge bonding, rework of components, and assembly with a hard removable shield lid or a foil lid through mechanical and chemical adhesion to become one whole RF shield.

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