This paper describes techniques related to a smart content composer that may be implemented on a client media player/platform and/or a content distribution platform. The smart composer creates a superior viewing experience to watch any content on any type of display device, even when the aspect ratios of the generated content and the display device are different, such that the original aspect ratio of the generated content is maintained for display in one or more identified fields of view on any given display device. In addition, the smart composer may be enabled to create a tailored and potentially new content presentation each time, for the same personal and/or shared media content (e.g., images and videos), such that the user is not provided with the same presentation of the same content over and over. Instead, the presentation of this content may be dynamically composed according to one or more factors, such as a user’s context, and may in certain cases be optimized for specific sentiments of the user. Based on the customized output, the smart content composer may in some cases also be configured to automatically generate personal or special topic digests of, e.g., videos or trailers that are based on the customized presentation of content, which may be shared with other users. As a result, the techniques described herein may provide an innovative viewing experience for users, and they may also provide improved content creation and sharing mechanisms.

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Creative Commons License
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