Drawing, note-taking, or inking apps that operate on electronic canvases do not differentiate between the various types of objects, e.g., paragraphs, lists, sketches, tables, doodles, etc., that an author can create on a screen. Consequently, it is difficult in electronic canvases for an author to perform operations commonly available in word processors, e.g., insert a sketch, move a block of text up or down, merge or separate sketches, etc. This disclosure describes techniques that automatically organize and group strokes drawn by a user on an electronic canvas into blocks of content, e.g., objects such as text-blocks, lists, sketches, tables, doodles, etc. The techniques thereby handle implicit structuring in an interactive inking or drawing app and provide the user the ease equivalent to writing on physical paper and the flexibility of electronically editing and restructuring diverse content.

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Creative Commons License
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