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Active pen support is increasingly available on notebooks. However, there’s still a market of active pen

users that prefer to use a separate pen digitizer as pen inputs device which allows off‐screen inking.

Using active pen on current notebooks do not allow off‐screen inking. This invention includes a method

to use the existing panel on the notebook as digitizer when external display is available.

Under the current design of notebooks, pen digitizer on notebook’s function is turned off and doesn’t

allow pen inputs when it’s in in external display only mode. To use active pen on notebooks, it’s also

best to have it on a flat surface. If not, the hinge design doesn’t provide sufficient support for pen use.

Under these scenarios, users always must look down to see the pen strokes and does not have the

ability to view the complete screen with the hand blocking a portion of the screen. The drawing area

will also be restricted by smaller screen of notebooks

This invention is to introduce a method to enable our existing NB to be used as pen digitizer while in tablet mode.

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Creative Commons License
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