Provided herein are methods of forming a metal product, including applying a water soluble formability film to the metal blank and/or applying a network polymer preprime (e.g., a hybrid organic-inorganic preprime, or a heat-resistant hybrid preprime) to the metal blank, forming the metal blank into a formed metal product, and optionally removing the formability film. A removable formability film and/or a preprime can improve the formability of an aluminum alloy and replace lubricants that used for forming processes by reducing the coefficient of friction of the metal product surface. Further, employing a water soluble polymer film eliminates lubricant removal for downstream processing. The formability film and/or preprime can include chemical additives that provide additional surface properties. The methods of processing the aluminum alloy products described herein provide a more efficient method for producing aluminum alloy products, as required by end users (e.g., original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)).

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Creative Commons License
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