Modern telemetry entails the gathering of data (per location or time interval) in such large quantities that the data often exceeds the capacity of the communication channels to a server (or cloud). An example of such telemetry is the gathering of street-level imagery and video where, even when the data-collecting vehicle has a wireless 4G connection, a very large amount of data is gathered so quickly that it is written on storage media such as solid state, optical, magnetic storage, etc. and physically mailed to a processing center. Besides the delay attributable to physical mailing, manual processing of the storage media at the point of capture also causes a substantial delay.

This disclosure describes techniques to optimize the latency and bandwidth of sensor-acquired telemetry data by rapidly determining, e.g., at the point of capture, the value of specific pieces of data (image, sequence of video frames, etc.), and by utilizing the available communication and computational capabilities of the device to process data in the order of relative value.

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