To reduce the processing, memory, and data transfer overhead for a user equipment (UE) related to maintaining, monitoring, and receiving updates for a record of a large number of Citizens Broadband Radio Systems (CBRS) geofences (i.e., a CBRS geofence record) corresponding to individual Citizens Broadband Service Device (CBSD) coverage areas, a system redefines the coverage area of multiple nearby CBSDs into a single cluster and then updates the CBRS geofence record stored at a UE based on the coverage areas of such CBSD clusters rather than individual CBSD coverage areas. Each time the system receives an update to a carrier’s coverage file representing CBSD coverage areas, the CBSD clusters are redefined, with a new cluster being created from the initial CBSD listed in the coverage file, and subsequent CBSDs being either added to existing CBSD clusters or being used to create new CBSD clusters.

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Creative Commons License
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