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In Label & Packing industry ~80% of the jobs are repeated jobs. In commercial industry there are also

repeated jobs but with lower percentage. The customer prints the job. Archived it (digital) and after

a while (few days/weeks/months) he is loading the job again to the DFE and prints more copies of it.

During the time the amount of archived jobs increases. Customers have tens thousands or even

hundreds of thousands of archived jobs. They usually also keep at least one good hardcopy of the

printed sheet of the job in order to be able to match the job’s color, imposition and other settings

later when they need to re‐print it. Customers need a simple way to find their archived digital job.

Today in order to find the archived job the customer needs to find a way to match the name or

attribute (tag) that he used when he saved the archived job in order to be able to track it and re‐load

it into the system. It takes time. For some cases it’s too hard to find it and he is going back to find the

original PDF upstream in other places in the workflow like MIS tools or on the designer disks. After

that he needs to define the job settings from scratch to match to the finishing device and to the

hardcopy (like imposition, marks, etc…).

This novel process will save to customer lot of time and reduce the mistakes. It will automate the

process of finding the archived job in few seconds. The amount of archived jobs won’t be a real

factor. It will give the user the best match to what he is looking for and if there are few matches it

will give the user all of them. The user won’t need to think how to archive the job today (which tags

to use) in order to find it later in the future. The system will find for the user his archived job by only

taking a snapshot from the hardcopy printed sheet

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