Ambient sound levels in environments where wearable audio devices are utilized can vary substantially. Such variation can cause responses provided via such devices to be inaudible or too loud in certain situations. This disclosure describes techniques for dynamic adjustment of wearable device audio output levels based on measured ambient sounds levels. Per techniques of this disclosure, with user permission, sound pressure levels (dB SPL) of a user’s ambient environment are measured and stored in a buffer. The audio output level for the user device is set such that audio output from the wearable device exceeds an average measured dB SPL level by a predetermined threshold. When an on-board speaker on the wearable device is to be utilized, a moving average of dB SPL levels is computed that is representative of an ambient noise level of an immediately preceding time period. Based on the computed average dB SPL level, the output speaker volume is selected, e.g., set to about 6 dB above the computed average dB SPL level.

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Creative Commons License
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