This invention provides custom installers and custom home builders with a simple and consistent solution to having a television panel installed so the front of the TV is flush (in line with) the surface of the wall. This installation also allows the associated speakers to be mounted within the wall as well. Power is provided to the TV and speakers. A swing out hinge on the TV allows it to be brought out so that the connectors behind it can be accessed and other mounting options are possible. In-wall cabinetry can be placed below the television to allow devices such as a cable TV box, video streaming device or DVD player to be kept under the TV to hide the cables which connect them to the TV. In-wall power is available for the accessory devices. The in-wall cable connection is allow placed within the lower cabinetry for access by the cable box to hide that cable as well. A plastic overlay, such as a vacuum formed panel or panels cover the brackets so that when the TV is pulled away from the wall the underlying steel structure is not seen. This overall can be made of any material and can be comprised of one or several parts. The same is done for where the speakers as placed. Fabric covered frames are placed over the speakers/sound system to hide them from view and give the entire wall a clean look.

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Creative Commons License
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