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This disclosure describes techniques for improving the mechanical performance of graphite sheets used for heat transfer in electronic devices. A pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) material layer is provided between the heat source component and the heat sensitive component for improved mechanical performance, while the graphite sheet is formed as a cladding surrounding the heat source. The PSA layer performs well under tensile stress, while also providing effective thermal insulation. The graphite sheet is formed over the heat source component, wrapped around its sides, and attached to the heat sensitive component. During a dynamic event, e.g. a drop of the device, most of the stress is exerted upon and absorbed by the PSA layer. The graphite sheet experiences relatively lower tensile stresses while still being positioned to transfer heat away from a large portion (surface area) of the heat source component. In limited-space designs, the graphite sheet is formed around the upper portion of the heat source component and extends on only one side of the heat source component and onto the heat sensitive component.

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Creative Commons License
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