The present disclosure relates to a method and system for providing contactless upgrade for loyalty cards. The method includes creating a cryptographic paired relationship between a loyalty card associated with a user, a network device associated with a merchant and merchant store. In order to create the cryptographic pair, the method includes providing a Near Field Communication (NFC) stickers specific to each merchant. The NFC sticker may include login details to connect to a network of the merchant store. The user may download an application associated with the merchant in order to login to the network of merchant store. On following the login, the NFC sticker may be applied on the loyalty card. The loyalty card may then be used to open corresponding mobile application of the merchant in the mobile device in order to scan the NFC sticker on the loyalty card. On successful scanning, data from the NFC sticker is transmitted via the application to the network of the merchant store to verify user details and assign the details and login details to the merchant store. Thereafter, a notification request may be provided to the user on the application to join the network of the merchant store. Once the user accepts the request, the loyalty card is upgraded, and a confirmation is provided to the user. Thereafter, at any subsequent visit to the merchant store, the loyalty card may be used passively without utilising mobile phone details given the mobile phone or its connected wearable/IoT peers connect to the network of the merchant store (e.g. LAN) with the previously stored login details.

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Creative Commons License
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