A payments platform includes cloud tokenization and user authentication capabilities that are integrated with browser autofill technology to protect payment instruments such as credit cards from being compromised. A tokenized card number, expiration date, and a one-time use and dynamic value can be passed as part of a payment transaction. These fields can be accepted by merchant websites with no merchant API integration. With cloud tokenization, a credit card Funding Primary Account Number (FPAN) is not shared online. Cloud tokens can be created for a user/FPAN combination and a dynamic value can be used to protect the card from replay attacks while providing the same integration with payment gateways. In example embodiments, a secure biometric authentication process can be provided for users prior to auto-filling payment credentials into a form, such as a merchant form on a checkout page. Payment credentials can be securely bound to a user’s account with a payment management computing system and can additionally be securely bound to a user computing device by a successful check with an issuer computing system associated with the payment credentials.

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Creative Commons License
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