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This publication describes examples of casings for electronic devices, such as smartphones, that are user-removable while protecting device internals from the intrusion of dust, water, and/or the like. Removable casings advantageously allow users access to internal components, such as batteries, wireless charge flexes, SIM cards, memory cards, and so on. Removable casings, however, are typically not waterproof nor capable of protecting against other types of intrusions. Although it may be possible to improve intrusion protection using fasteners, such as screws, buttons, or latches, the use of such fasteners can preclude users from removing these types of casings by hand, without the aid of tools. Moreover, the use of fasteners can adversely impact the design and aesthetics of the electronic device. The electronic-device casings described herein are seamless and are capable of being removed by hand while protecting internal components. Examples of the described casings can be adapted to comply with one or more International Protection Code (IP Code) standards, such as IP68.

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Creative Commons License
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