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Customization is a very powerful advantage on 3D printing. Adding a text, a name,

a logo or a pattern over a 3d printed part is cheaper and easier with some 3D

printing technologies, such as fusing agent and powder‐based systems, than with

traditional technologies such as injection molding, where tools (molds, inserts…

need to be designed and fabricated for each customization.

However, sometimes the 3D models of the parts cannot be modified easily,

especially if they are shared in specific formats or if their geometry is too thin or

too delicate.

With this disclosure we propose a method to “ye”certain areas of a 3D printed

part by using a phenomenon called “hadowing” which is an inherent feature of

some fusing agent and powder‐based 3D printing technologies.. This method can

be used to give the customer the option to mark their parts without interfering

with their geometry.

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Creative Commons License
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