Bed racks are commonly attached to pickup trucks for additional storage and transport options. This disclosure describes a mounting system that enables attachment of a rack to inward rolled sheet metal rails, outward rolled sheet metal rails, and T-slot rails without modifications to the truck body. An additional bracket is provided to attach a rack crossbar to an outward bed rail. The additional bracket is attached to the crossbar bracket which creates a vertical face against an outside edge of the bed rail. Studs are provided in the additional bracket that, when combined with slots in the crossbar bracket, enable the width to be adjusted for vehicles of different sizes. A clamp is provided on an outboard side of the vertical bracket that clamps the outward bed rail and the additional bracket. Slots in the additional bracket enable the clamp to move up or down to accommodate different bed rail geometries. The mounting system is also compatible with T-slot and inward bed rails.

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Creative Commons License
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