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In current design, the formal released BIOS can’t output the debug message and if

we want to get the debug message, we need to re-build another debug version


 When issue is happened on customer or factory side, it will cost a lot of time to fix an

issue. The issue needs to be recorded, reproduced and ship machine to RD to

provide the solution.

 Some issues may not be reproduced in debug-version BIOS.

 In order to shorten the turnaround time from issue happened to get the, BIOS

support to link debug message database dynamically in formal release version.

 BIOS will prepare a debug message database which can be placed in everywhere

that can be accessed by database interface driver.

 BIOS will prepare a debug database interface UEFI driver which can be put

everywhere that can be launched by BIOS as earlier as possible.

 Once the formal BIOS detected the debug message database and the debug

database interface, then BIOS will auto output the debug by the interface and


 The first line staff can plug a removable storage (an example) within the database

and the database interface driver into the computer and get the debug message. So

that RD can start debugging at very early stage.

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