The global Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market is expected to reach $949.42 billion by 2025, and will include heavy industrial customers from different areas. For example, utilities, oil & gas, and mining sectors are among those relying on secure and reliable outdoor wireless connectivity in their harsh environments to optimize costs, improve operational efficiency, increase automation, as well as improve the safety and security of high value assets and field employees. Building such networks requires accurate and future proof designs, which are heavily dependent on the quality of results from site surveys performed in these locations. In addition, access to such rugged environments is difficult and can require a series of trainings and certifications. Presented herein are techniques that use a system/apparatus of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to perform automated site surveys that can be used to produce high level designs for IIoT networking solutions, referred to as an Intelligent Survey and Live-Simulation Apparatus (iSALSA) system. The system can also be used for pre-deployment simulation and validation of access points (APs) to be deployed throughout the intended area, which may have been developed using predictive modeling software. The end result of this solution is a drastic improvement of the safety and security of field engineers and solution architects. The proposed solution also significantly reduces the time required to develop high level designs for large scale implementations. Finally, the solution allows for longer consistent and contiguous sample periods, thus, improving the quality of the data collected.

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