This publication describes techniques to allow a mobile application to launch on a mobile electronic device (“mobile device”) once a portion of a package file associated with the application is transferred to the device using an incremental file streaming technology. An application may be created or modified by an application developer on a development device. The application can be packaged into a package file format that can be installed onto the mobile device for, e.g., testing the application by the application developer or use by the end user. The package file includes core files, for example executables, object, image, audio and/or geometry files, necessary to launch the application. The core files can be prioritized to stream in an order from a source (e.g., the development device) to the mobile device. In another embodiment, an application may be streamed from a digital distribution service to a mobile device with memory pages required to launch the application prioritized to stream first as an idle nugget. Once the core files or idle nugget required to launch the application are streamed to the mobile device, the application can launch before the entirety of the package file is transferred by utilizing a virtual file system on the mobile device. The remainder of the package file can then continue to be transferred in the background to the mobile device while the application user (e.g., application developer, end user) is interacting with the transferred portion.

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Creative Commons License
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